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How to get to the Flamingo Hotel in Ibiza

Car: You can rent your car at the airport offices, we also recommend because they work very well, and we also like because they offer very cheap cars but when you pick it up, rent a car brands always They try to sell you extra insurance that is neither necessary nor compulsory or retain  €1,500 on your credit card as a guarantee. If you want to rent your car or motorcycle in Es Canar, we recommend as they are close to the hotel 
Taxi:  You can take it from the airport or the port and the cost is around €40. To take a taxi from Es Canar you can call from the hotel or go to the stop here 
Bus:   From Ibiza airport you can use line L-26 with a price of €4 and it takes 1 hour /en/web/cie/bus/linia/24 
The bus stop in es Canar is here:  
The schedule is this:  
Transfer: Contact the hotel, as we are currently looking for companies that provide this service.

Important Notice - Road You Should Not Take

Attention, we DO NOT recommend a route that Google sometimes indicates is the right one.
Don't turn at the next point, Go straight on until the town of Es Canar. 

Do not take the last section of Camí des Canar with Fuente de Atzaró to circulate, because this is not a road, it is a small rural road without asphalt, without a floor, with a dirt floor and full of large holes. Your car will be damaged for sure. In addition, the width of the road is less than 2 meters. In many areas the road is narrower than your own car. In addition, there are many animals walking in the middle of the road.

Parking Service. Where to park your car.

When you arrive in the town of Es Canar we recommend that you park on Avenida Punta de Arabí itself, and walk to the hotel entrance. 

The closest car park to the hotel is the Parking Lot for €3 a day, you can try to reserve a space if you manage to get them to answer the phone. They don't usually do it, although in person they are very nice. 
You will find  2 car parks next to the Hippi Market, those are a bit far but they are the best during the month of August. 
Next to Bar Es Birra, there is a lot of space although it is not officially a car park, ask the waiters when you arrive, they know everything. 

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